2,024 QI Facts To Stop You in Your Tracks

QI Library Edition | Book Seven of Seven

Humans glow in the dark. The Pope drives a blue Ford Focus. One of the moons of Uranus is called Margaret. Scottish football referees are sponsored by Specsavers. Dogs visiting US National Parks can be certified as Bark Rangers. The world’s smallest computer is smaller than a grain of sand. Candyfloss was invented by a dentist. Nobody knows who named the Earth.

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10,000 QI Facts

QI Library Editions | The Complete Box Set

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1,227 QI Fact To Blow Your Socks Off

QI Library Edition | Book One of Seven

Cows moo in regional accents. The entire internet weighs less than a grain of sand. The dialling code from Britain to Russia is 007. Potatoes have more chromosomes than human beings. The London Underground has made more money from its famous map than it has from running trains. The water in the mouth of a blue whale weighs more than its body.

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1,339 QI Facts To Make Your Jaw Drop

QI Library Edition | Book Two of Seven

Pigs suffer from anorexia. Wagner always wore pink silk underwear. Rugby School's first official rugby kit in 1871 included a bow tie. Lord Kitchener had four spaniels called Shot, Bang, Miss and Damn. It is impossible to whistle in a spacesuit. J. K Rowling has no middle name. The first computer mouse was made of wood.

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1,411 QI Facts To Knock You Sideways

QI Library Edition | Book Three of Seven

Orchids can get jetlag. Lizards can't walk and breathe at the same time. There are 177,147 ways to tie a tie. Ladybird orgasms last for 30 minutes. Traffic lights existed before cars. Sir Bruce Forsyth is four months older than sliced bread. The soil in your garden is 2 million years old.

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1,234 QI Facts To Leave You Speechless

QI Library Edition | Book Four of Seven

Flowers get suntans. Denmark imports prisoners. Bees can fly higher than Mount Everest. The Republic of Ireland first got postcodes in 2015. Martin Luther King Jr got a C+ in Public Speaking. No one in the UK dies of 'natural causes'. Penguins can't taste fish.

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1,342 QI Facts To Leave You Flabbergasted

QI Library Edition | Book Five of Seven

Trees sleep at night. Google searches for 'How to put on a condom' peak at 10.28pm. There is no word for time in any Aboriginal language. Scotland has 421 words for snow. Emoji is the fastest growing language in history. Astronauts wear belts to stop their trousers falling up. The name Donald means 'ruler of the world'. Tanks are exempt from London's Congestion charge. The anti-spam industry is worth more than the spam industry.

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1,423 QI Facts To Bowl You Over

QI Library Edition | Book Six of Seven

Iceland imports ice cubes. A group of ladybirds is called a loveliness. It is illegal in Saudi Arabia to name a child Sandi. Eight billion particles of fog can fit into a teaspoon. People who read books live longer than people who don't. Prince Philip was born on a kitchen table in Corfu. No human beings have ever had sex in space. Netflix's biggest competitor is sleep. Mice sigh up to 40 times an hour.

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