Funny You Should Ask


Ever wondered if you could fill up a black hole? Or if the Queen has to pay if you take a swan to the vet? Check out the new book from the QI Elves - Funny You Should Ask . . .

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Funny You Should Ask... Again

Every Wednesday, on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, BBC Radio 2's most inquisitive listeners get to put their questions to the QI Elves. The questions are wonderfully original and the QI Elves' answers are always interesting and frequently hilarious.

From spiders to stinging nettles, bees to boy bands and twins to thermal undies, you'll wonder why these questions hadn't occurred to you before - but you'll never forget the answers and will want to share them with all your friends.

Funny You Should Ask... Again is a must read for the incurably curious and available by clicking the button below.

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