At QI, we believe in two things: first, curiosity is a natural, powerful and often entertaining human need; and second, everything is interesting if looked at in the right way.

Even four letter words: sometimes they're rude, sometimes they’re not; and sometimes they turn their noses up at the very thought of a vowel. But they’re always interesting.

To prove our point, our slightly-famous QI Elves huddled, mused and spawned; and came up with Qiktionary. Pronounced either 'quick-tionary' or 'kick-tionary' (we’re not sure), Qiktionary is a different type of dictionary where interesting facts, instead of definitions, accompany every word.

But there's more. Qiktionary isn't a reference app, its way more cunning than that. It is an easily-learnt, rarely-mastered game which tests your powers of logic, the breadth of your vocabulary and your ability to put your fingertip on the right bit of the touch-screen. Every time you unlock a hidden word, the QI Elves reward you with an interesting fact relating to that word, which is automatically added to your Qiktionary.

We think there are around 3,000 four-letter words (excluding plurals and double-letters), so plenty interesting words and facts to collect.

How to play your way to a fuller Qiktionary:

  • Choose your difficulty level and/or themed word-pack.
  • Unlock the hidden four-letter word in as few guesses as possible to unlock something quite interesting.
  • Add a new word to your Qiktionary with every correct solution.
  • Appear highly erudite by sharing Qiktionary facts with your friends.
  • Play at your own pace with no need for wireless network in single-player mode.
  • Challenge your friends or enemies to beat their par score over 3 rounds.

So, go forth and may your Qiktionary be full; and remember, according to Charlie Chaplin: 'Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is 'elephant'.'

It costs the US mint over 11 cents to make each five cent COIN.

The world record for keeping a KITE aloft is seven and a half days.

Samsung’s first product was a FISH.