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Browse the books of the hit comedy show in bite-sized chunks, rate other people’s facts on the QI Interestingometer, and find out why everything you think you know is wrong. Seen or heard anything interesting lately? Submit your own facts!

Content and features:

  • A fully searchable QI Library, including the complete contents of The Book of General Ignorance, The Book of Animal Ignorance, The Book of the Dead and selections from the QI Annuals
  • Pieces by Clive Anderson, Derren Brown, Rob Brydon, Jimmy Carr, Jeremy Clarkson, Alan Davies, Roger Law, Sean Lock, Ross Noble, Graham Norton and Dara O'Briain
  • The QI Library rearranges these texts into 70 themed books on a scrollable shelf
  • Each book is perfect for the 10-to-20-minute chunks of your day when you really need something Quite Interesting
  • Over 3,000 quotations, taken from QI's Advanced Banter
  • Rate other people’s facts on the QI Interestingometer, from ‘not at all’ to ‘quite’
  • Send QI your own facts, backed up with evidence
  • Full VoiceOver support

Coffee isn't made from beans.

You have no muscles in your fingers.

Mice sing while having sex.