The Meaning Of Liff App

The Legendary Dictionary Of Things There Should Be Word For - Now In An App

A liff is a familiar object or experience that English has no words for. Douglas Adams and John Lloyd’s much-loved humour classic The Meaning Of Liff corrects this disgraceful oversight by recycling the names found on signposts - and now, Liff as been packed into a fully interactive app.

Content and features:

  • The most complete edition of The Meaning of Liff ever published, including the 1,700+ entries from The Meaning of Liff, The Deeper Meaning of Liff and Afterliff
  • Can you do better than the originals? Write your own liffs, including for your home town or favourite place, which other users can read and rate
  • Win awards if your liffs are popular, including a place in the home stream alongside the originals by Douglas Adams, John Lloyd and John Canter
  • Scroll the liffs of others in a social feed, and vote for the ones you like
  • See liffs closest to your current location and get directions to any liff
  • Share your favourites

BADLESMERE - One who dishonestly ticks the ‘I have read the Terms and Conditions’ box.

BERRIWILLOCK - An unknown workmate who writes 'All the best' on your leaving card.

LETCHWORTH - The door charge at a lapdancing club.

WOKING - Standing in the kitchen wondering what you came in here for.

WONERSH - One who insists they don’t watch television, only box sets.