Become A QI Researcher

Lots of people write to us asking how they can get jobs as researchers on QI. If you'd like to join us, here is how to go about it.
Our research come from a range of places, and we gather it up on the QI Talkboards. We post up all the research we do and talk to each other about it as we go along. There's usually a forum for each series (ie letter of the alphabet), which contains different themes in each thread.

By far the best way to show us that you mean business is to start posting up things on there. Whatever the subject, we'd be very keen to read anything you post up. There's a friendly bunch of people already online who will be happy to show you the ropes - but the basics rules are: keep it short and to the point, no copy-pasting, unless you make it clear you're quoting, and back up your facts with sources.
The research process is very simple, really: all you have to do is read as much as you can about a subject, and write down only the things that you personally find interesting. If you find it fascinating, then other people probably will too. Make sure you keep good track of sources of whatever you do read, too, and add them to the end of your submission – it makes life a lot easier and means we'll find your contributions more reliable.

You might also find it useful beforehand to read the QI Manifesto and these tips from the QI elves on how to go about researching.
The most important thing is to be interested in the world around you. If you often find yourself looking for the interesting things in life, or sharing fascinating articles or news stories with your friends, then that's a good sign. Over to you.