All QI research is double-checked before it's used in one of our shows or books to make sure that it comes from reliable sources.

But despite our best efforts, you might occasionally come across something we've said which is untrue. This could be because:

  • It was true at the time, but isn't any more. See the half-life of facts theory for more information.
  • Things get a bit mangled after going through an anarchic panel show and ruthless editing process. We have to squeeze a two-hour recording into a 30 minute programme, and we do our best but sometimes 
  • Stephen and the panel contribute their own facts which we haven't had a chance to verify

If you think you've spotted a mistake, and it's not already listed on the Quibble Blog, you can submit it to the Quibbles forum for discussion.

Remember, QI has been running for over a decade and is repeated a lot, so be sure to check the forums and blog in case we've already addressed an error.