No Such Thing As A Kilt on the Battlefield

DanJamesAnna and Museum of Curiosity producer Rich Turner discuss James Joyce's underpants dance, a bucket that started a war, fashionable apes and Muhammad Ali, the comedian.

Episode 18                        18 July, 2014

Further Reading

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon, they were wearing ladies underwear. They both left their boots behind, contributing to the 100 tons of litter that remains there.

The Moore crater on the Moon bears no relation to Patrick - it's name after this astronomer

Whatever companies like this one have told you, you don't own any land on the Moon, although one man does own a lunar rover.

Don't confuse your morning cereal with flatulence filtering underwear (may contain charcoal)

Das Kapital only got past censors as it was assumed no one would read it, and British censors thought Ulysses (whose author made dolls' underwear dance on his fingers) was written in code.

Muhammad Ali was Cassius X for a brief period and used to do magic tricks - though he always had to explain them afterwards. He once saved a man from suicide, as did two English cricket players.

Wars have been started by lopped-off ears, cricket, football and Google Maps. 

Cats In Clothes

Rules To Remember

Darwin's Walking Stick

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