No Such Thing As A Funny Nazi

DanJamesAndy, Anna and special guest Lieven Scheire discuss drunk animals, the invention of basketball, Philander the philanderer, ferret-legging, dolphins' drug habits, and a fairly terrible double act.

Episode 13                       30 May, 2014

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American film companies made propaganda cartoons featuring Hitler, like this anti-Nazi Disney film Education For Death: The Making of the Nazi.

In the 1930s people made fun of the Hitler salute by training animals to do it, and in 2007 a German was jailed for teaching his dog to do it.

In 2004 Nigel Roder was temporarily awarded the title of England's State Jester

The Mayor of Reykjavik is a stand-up comedian. He stood as a mock candidate and accidentally won.

The Philippines Basketball Association has some weirdly named teams.

In 2012 Dennis Rodman met up with his estranged father, who is called Philander and had fathered 29 children in 40 years.

Jason Sadler sold his surname for $50,000, and is now called Jason SurfrApp.

Presidents of the Philipinnes and their entourages all have brilliant/ridiculous nicknames. Here's a list.

Buy your Deportivo Wanka t-shirt now! They're the Peruvian football team who moved their home ground to 4,380m above sea-level in the hope of giving their opponents altitude sickness.

The 2000 Spanish Paralympic basketball team had to return their medals after it turned out that they were faking being disabled.

John A. Naismith doesn't seem to have a middle name, like Ulysses S. Grant. And he might have based basketball on a game called Duck On A Rock.

It did take 21 years for someone to think of cutting a hole in the bottom of the basket to let the ball fall out.

Japan has official rules for pillowfighting. No boys allowed. There's also the sport of ferret-legging, or 'ferret in your pants'. Alternatively, it can be used as a punishment in Wales.

If you get a zebrafish drunk, he'll instantly become more popular. Get an elk drunk, he'll just get stuck in a tree. Elephants electrocute themselves.

The pen-tailed tree shrew, on the other hand, gets hammered every night, but koalas don't get high from eucalyptus.

The slow loris is the only mammal that's both poisonous and venemous. And adorable. And here's the not-so-adorable bat-eating centipede.

Mammoths were still around when the Pyramids had been built.

In 2003, a museum almost displayed some old drainpipe as a mammoth tusk.

We have enough woolly mammoth DNA data to potentially clone them in the future. The extinct Pyrannean ibex was sucessfully cloned, but it only survived for seven minutes.

Technically, humans are able to breed with some species of apes, like bonobos



The Inventor of Basketball

    The Inventor of Basketball


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