No Such Thing As A 164 Foot Tall Gorilla-Whale 

DanJamesAndy and Anna discuss Godzilla's toilet habits, dangerous headwear, upside-down geese and an unlikely cricket team.

Episode 12                       23 May, 2014

Further Reading

Godzilla, a metaphor for nuclear devastation, is growing faster than the rate of inflation and sounds suspiciously like a leather glove on a double bass; Jurassic Park is tortoises mating.

All mammals take about the same amount of time to wee. Vole urine helps their predators track them, and dogs face either north or south to poo.

No, the Sun isn't made of fire.

The 'real' Long John Silver from Treasure Island was father to the 'real' Wendy Darling from Peter Pan. The first Peter Pan novel was nearly called The Boy Who Hated Mothers, starring a murderous Peter. 

Waxy O'Shea's Irish pub is a long way from Dublin.

Lord Berners put a suicide warning on his folly.

Hitchcock bought up copies of Psycho when he released the film version, which is based on the same murderer (Ed Gein) who inspired The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Silence of the Lambs

The songs Something and Layla were both inspired by Pattie Boyd.

Conspiracy theorists' tin foil hats would actually make it easier for the government to read their brainwaves, which they're almost able to do. The tin foil hat first appeared in Julian Huxley's The Tissue-Culture King. In 2013 the Vatican used a Faraday cage to soundproof the Papal elections.

Infrared drone-thwarting 'Stealth-Ware' is available now in all good spy stores. Mainly in black.

For the first year of the First World War, none of the troops wore metal helmets.

Owls' faces act like satellites and flies somersault to avoid being swatted.

There was a straw hat riot in New York in 1922, and in 1924 a man was killed for wearing a Panama.

In 1968 a rogue RAF pilot flew under Tower Bridge (and Hawker Harris was the name of the plane, not the pilot). Boeing planes are 'designed to fly upright'. 

The Goose Crusade was as ridiculous as it sounds.


The Allahakbarries

  The Allahakbarries


High in the skyHigh in the sky



The Girls Of Radcliff Hall

    The Girls Of Radcliff Hall

Goose Pulling

Goose Pulling


Godzilla's Toilet Habits

    Godzilla's Toilet Habits