No Such Thing As A Doorknob In Vancouver

DanJamesAndy and Anna discuss political insults, nonsense drugs, otters and illegal door furniture.

Episode 11                       16 May, 2014

Further Reading

'Whig' and 'Tory' were originally terms of abuse, as was 'Prime Minister'. And here is a list of what you can and can't say in Parliament today.

Read more about the Polish Beer-Lovers' Party here.

Fred Hoyle, who coined the term 'Big Bang', meant it derisively to expose the absurdity of the theory.

Learn more about the famous Rai stones used as currency on the Island of Yap here.

For everything there is to know about bad language around the world, read Filthy English: The How, Why, When and What of Everyday Swearing.

The imaginary Derbisol is not to be confused with Debrisol.

Whichever study you look at, the average numbers of sexual partners for men and women don't quite add up.

Carl Sagan was a marijuana advocate, Winston Churchill's all-day drinking habits were heavily diluted, and the liquor Dean Martin was drinking on stage: that was apple juice.

This article details the military plane-crash-imminent-death-form-filling sick-bag ruse we mentioned.

Otters keep their favourite stones in their 'secret' armpit pouches. And yes, baby otters are so fluffy, they can't dive underwater. On the other hand, they do attack alligators.

Here's an amazing video of a crow demonstrating just some of it's impressive tool-utilizing abilities - and Bearded Vultures, or Lammergeier birds drop tortoises from great heights to crack their shells.

Watch proof that unpeeled tangerines float, and peeled ones sink.

Schindler's Lifts is a real company.

It's illegal to go out without underwear in Thailand, and you're not allowed to die in Longyearbyen, Norway.

Doorknobs have been made illegal in Vancouver, but they did save the life of a tsunami survivor.




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