No Such Thing As A Swear Word On The Moon

DanJamesAnna and Alex discuss NASA Vs Nature, Coney Island's oddest ride, Harry Potter's Chinese adventures and more...

Episode 8                        25 April, 2014

Further Reading

This LA Times article has the whole story of NASA's battles with wildlife. You can also read the Kingman Daily Miner article opposite.

Click here for everything on profanity-free musical NASA lunar astronauts. And it was John Young who smuggled that beef sandwich into space.

The music in the ubiquitous 'You wouldn't steal a car...' piracy adverts was actually used illegally
Harley Davidson submitted a copyright application for the sound of their V-twin motorcycle engines.

If you pat your pocket to check your money, you'll probably have to give it all to Asda. The same goes for bowler hat-tipping and nose-tapping with banks.

If you steal a copy of the Nintendo DS game Michael Jackson: The Experience, you'll be blasted with vuvuzela music.

Here's how Maggi Soup adverts appeared in the German edition of Terry Pratchett's books.

One third of Finnegan's wake has been translated into Mandarin.

Easter in the Czech Republic does involve eggs, lambs and whipping.

Look here for info on flagellants and pseudo-flagellants...and here for Horrible Histories' take; and there really is an Easter tradition of modern-day crucifixion in the Philippines...

The UK's first commercial escalator was installed in Harrods department store, and brandy was offered to riders at the top to calm them after the 'ordeal'.

In the 1920s in Atlanta, the Beeler Corporation drew up plans for a travel system made up of parallel travelators, moving at progressively increasing speeds. It was never constructed.

If you're interested in the Earl's Court 'scenic spiral way' attraction, this blog has some great photos and diagrams. Details on the escalator on Coney Island can be found here.


Space Bat

  Space Bat

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  The Spanking  Terror of London

      The Spanking  Terror of London
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