No Such Thing As The Loch Ness Monster

DanJamesAndy and Anna discuss everlasting video games, mythical monsters, the real Madame Tussaud and dogs that fall from the sky.

Episode 7                        18 April, 2014

Further Reading

Visit the Designs of the Year exhibition to see the game that will outlive you, plus some talking lampposts

Discover the initiative that claims it can make you live forever, and listen to John Cage's composition that's going to last almost forever.

Is the Loch Ness monster really an elephant? And is the fearsome dun cow's rib an elephant's tusk?

Here's everything you wanted to know about Ogopogo, Canada's rival to Nessie.

Don't mistake a cuddly toy for a real tiger, like the people of Hampshire did, and we also don't advise feeding yourself to a jaguar, like John Fairfax tried.

Here's how Voltaire won the lottery.

For interesting facts that we mentioned, and some that we didn't, about Madame Tussauds, go here. And who knew Hitler was beheaded in 2008? Or that laser controlled flies would have sex with wax?

Here are World War II's parachuting dogs, here are its parachuting bikes - and both were predated by Mussolini's parachuting bulls.

As to early parachutists, there was Malmesbury's 11th century 'flying monk', and da Vinci's 1485 design that was finally tried and tested in 2008.

And here's that naughty coconut, which was actually accused of vote-rigging in the Maldives.



Where Has 
Nessie Gone?

Where Has  Nessie Gone?

Inventor of the parachute?

Inventor of the parachute?


The Woman Behind
The Waxworks

  The Woman Behind The Waxworks

Journey To Alpha Centauri

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Journey To Alpha Centauri Play The Game