No Such Thing As One Direction in North Korea

AndyJames, Molly and special guest Marc Abrahams discuss Michael Jackson's face, Viking poo, halitosis in hornworms and your sleeping habits. With Anna fact-checking.

Episode 6                        11 April, 2014

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For more on all the bizarre, amusing and extraordinary Ig Nobel studies we mentioned:
1) Is your cow about to lie down? Find out here.
2) Ever wondered how precisely to exit a building?
3) Here's farting as a defence mechanism?
4) Is it ok to eat food off the floor? Well, it depends...

For everything Ig Nobel, explore their website.

And for everything else we talked about...
Here's what Marc wrote about Michael Jackson's surgery enhanced doppelganger, and here's what Saddam Hussein's doppelganger said about nearly being kidnapped into the porn industry.

It's a long standing rumour that Charlie Chaplin came third in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest, and Graham Greene really did come second in a contest to parody his own writing.

And Bill Bailey really was the first person to moonwalk but he probably learned it off this bird, who'd been doing it for years.

Will everyone in North Korea soon have Kim Jong Un's haircut? And will every German soldier soon need breast reduction surgery?

Read about how they found the longest Viking ship, and go here for more on Viking teeth filing. Or find out how the Vikings gave us bluetooth (that's from the excellent Smithsonian magazine we mentioned) and how Nokia gave us gas masks.

The tobacco hornworm turns bad breath into a good thing, while the slimy hagfish goes to even more disgusting lengths to repel predators. And then, of course, there's turkey vulture vomit and the lizard with the blood-shooting eyes.

Remember that Channel 4 show, Shattered?

Why would you go to bed with a postage stamp on your penis - or, for that matter, a tightening collar round your neck?



Got gonorrhoea?
Try Listerine

Got gonorrhoea? Try Listerine

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