No Such Thing As The Mountains of Kong

DanJamesAndy and Anna discuss modern day cavemen, putting a price on your soul, made-up maps and the sex lives of spiders.

Episode 4                       28 March, 2014

Further Reading

If you enjoyed this podcast, we highly recommend the 2 books suggested opposite. And in addition to those...

The Chislehurst caves that Andy talked about are just a short way out of London, while Cheddar Man's famous cave dwelling is always worth a visit.

There is a huge number of people - estimates vary on how many - living underground in Beijing - and not in luxury cave-dwellings (for those, see video opposite). 

Here's the full story behind that kiss.

Listen to this to learn more about selling your soul in Latvia, and read this for more on the man who tried to weigh the soul.

This excellent archive, full of original sources from the period, tells the story of George Washington's purportedly 161-year-old nanny.

What to do about the snakes on Guam? Attack them with mice.

The female Pennsylvanian grass spider eats one male to seduce the other, while the male redback spider flirts by offering himself up as a meal. Then of course, there are octopuses that eat themselves and the sharks that eat each other in the womb.

And finally, join the debate: who is better at sex, the lion or the ladybird?



Barbara's 160
Unpublished Novels


  Barbara's 160 Unpublished Novels  



China's First Emperor

    China's First Emperor

The chair that's older than flowers

The chair that's older than flowers

Former US President
John Tyler's House

...where you might just bump
into his grandson!

Former US President John Tyler's House ...where you might just bump into his grandson!


The Island
Of California

  The Island Of California


in Spiders

Fatal Attraction in Spiders