No Such Thing As Death By Acne

DanJamesAndy and Anna discuss the world's first sandwich, the surprising dangers of acne, what's in a name, and life through a lens - a contact lens, that is.

Episode 2                       14 March, 2014

The First Contact Lenses

The First Contact Lenses

Further Reading

To recreate the world's first sandwich, try one of these recipes for haroset paste, add bitter herbs and put it between unleavened bread.

Here's that Australian wheel patent, and the Japanese people who tried to claim curry.

Fancy an Earl of Sandwich sandwich? Order online here.

Here's the story of Kim Jong-Il's wayward, Disney-loving son and here's the Wiki on those Potemkin villages that Andy mentioned.

If you're keen to browse global mortality stats, check out, and if you'd rather narrow that down to spider-deaths in Australia, this is what you're after.

Here's the story of the man shot by his own camel, and here's the one about the Russian psychic and the train.

William Shakespeare's sportier namesake really did exist, as does former Prime Minister Obama and the town of the same name.

And finally, why not book an appointment to visit the excellent British Optical Association Museum?


The Eclectic Filmography of Jesús Franco

The Eclectic Filmography of Jesús Franco