No Such Thing As A Pilot Fish

DanJamesAndy and Anna mull over the Large Hadron Baguette, one US president's unfortunate eating habits, baby names that beggar belief, and the right way to find a king in a car park.


Episode 1                        8 March, 2014

Further Reading

For tickets to the Large Hadron Collider exhibition, visit the Science Museum website.

Here’s a lot more on whale penises than you could ever really want to know.

This article substantiates Andy’s claim about the comet that was bigger than the Sun. And here's QI's topic page on the Sun.

On the naming of celestial objects, read the International Astronomical Union's fascinating list of rules.

There’s a brilliant NPR podcast where they talk about James Garfield’s sad demise, and the New York Times has a good article on it.

Taste receptors in the testicles? Surely not…

Do you fancy trawling through baby names as we do? Why wouldn't you?

Here’s the wiki about Star Jelly.

And the Richard III society’s website will tell you more about the discovery of his body.


Mike's Love-ly Album Names

Mike's Love-ly Album Names