About The Podcast

The researchers behind the TV show QI gather around a microphone and bring you the most interesting facts they've unearthed that week.

Dan, James, Andy, Anna and the other QI Elves make a podcast each week. They are sometimes joined by special guests and friends of QI and Museum of Curiosity.

A new episode is available via SoundCloud and iTunes (or RSS feed) every Friday afternoon. Follow @ nosuchthing on Twitter for reminders and links each week. Join the mailing list to be the first to hear about news and upcoming events.
Recording episode 26 with Simon Rich

Recording episode 13 with Lieven Scheire

Live recording at the Chortle Comedy Book Festival
Live recording at the Atomium, Brussels


How can something not be something? Something can't be not be... not something, can it? If you've created a something, then something has to be that something, or else you haven't created a something...so it has to be a fish if there is the idea of a fish in the first place...

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