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Episode 30 - No Such Thing As A Song In The Sound Of Music

In their first ever live podcast recording, DanJamesAndy, and Anna discuss cow-based computer code, who won the Bone Wars and how northern accents beat the Nazis.


Episode 29 - No Such Thing As Terrestrial Sweetcorn

DanJamesAndy and Anna discuss alien chess, whirling chairs, criminal theme tunes and how to get drunk on a shark.

Episode 28 - No Such Thing As A Man-Eating Clam

DanJamesAndy and Anna discuss washing with wine, dogs eating homework, counting with your loins, and all things clammy...

Episode 27 - No Such Thing As An Egg And Cress Portsmouth

DanJamesAndyAnna and special guest Helen Zaltzman discuss little old ladies in space, a gang of syping squirrels, Gandalf the Grey's real name, and more...

Episode 26 - No Such Thing As A Yeti Fact

Dan, James, Andy, Anna and special guest and comedy writer Simon Rich discuss chimps with pets, Kama Sutra crosswords and sagging Yeti breasts.

Episode 25 - No Such Thing As A Randy Rat in Polyester Pants

Dan, James, Anna and Andy discuss rats wearing pants, pizzas on Venus, pillow fighting in the trenches and how to avoid incest in Iceland.

Episode 24 - No Such Thing As A Malicious Robot

Dan, James, Anna and Alex discuss the shape of the Sun, fake baseball fans, giant birds' nests and how to play Hooverball.

Episode 23 - No Such Thing As A Yawning Psychopath

22 August 2014 - DanJamesAnna and Alex discuss pigeon-shooting physicists, accidental porn, yawning your soul away and why a beard in battle is a bad idea.

Episode 22 - No Such Thing As A Magic Camel Filter

15 August 2014 - DanJames, Anna and Andy discuss how to post a human, ancient ham, apes using iPads and the definition of Wales.

Episode 21 - No Such Thing As Testicle-Retracting Sumo Wrestlers

9 August 2014 - DanJames, AndyAnna and Alex discuss freedom kissing, hippo castration, iceberg cowboys and whether or not we should blow up the Moon. 

Episode 20 - No Such Thing As A Dangerous Daffodil

Dan, James, Anne and Andy discuss aggressive bees, Walt Disney's breakfast, shouting on buses and more...

Episode 19 - No Such Thing As Unicorn Stew

Dan, James, Anna and Andy discuss the estate agent army, bankers in sacks, Medieval snail fights and 'legs or tails'.


Episode 18 - No Such Thing As A Kilt On The Battlefield

Dan, James, Anna and Museum of Curiosity producer Rich Turner discuss James Joyce's tiny underpants dance, a bucket worth starting a war for, fashionable apes and more...

Episode 17 - No Such Thing As A Bassoon In A Football Stadium

12 July 2014 - DanJamesAnna and Chief Gnome John Lloyd discuss Elgar's football chants, Arsenal's response to 9/11, how connecting trains can affect a match, and more... 

Episode 16 - No Such Thing As A Ghost In Poland

20 June, 2014 - DanJamesAndyAnne and Alex discuss randy bears, Bhutanese yeti park rangers, clever 12 year old girls and more...

Episode 15 - No Such Thing As A Bulge in Ken's Groin

13 June, 2014 - DanJamesAndyAnna discuss Aztec popcorn, Top Gun in China, exploding dolls and David Cameron's door handle.

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