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Episode 14 - No Such Thing As A Dirty Pair of Jeans

6 June, 2014 - DanJamesAndyAnna discuss jean-cleaning, sausage stories, mile high mistakes and Napoleon's teeny-weeny.

Episode 13 - No Such Thing As A Funny Nazi

30 May, 2014  DanJamesAndyAnna and special guest Lieven Scheire discuss drunk animals, the invention of basketball, ferret-legging, dolphins' drug habits, and a fairly terrible double act.

Episode 12 - No Such Thing As A 164 Foot Tall Gorilla-Whale

23 May, 2014  DanJamesAndy and Anna discuss Godzilla's toilet habits, dangerous headwear, upside-down geese, a murderous Peter Pan and an unlikely cricket team.

Episode 11 - No Such Thing As A Doorknob In Vancouver

16 May, 2014  DanJamesAndy and Anna discuss good versus evil in otters, illegal doorknobs, make-believe medicine, where you're allowed to die, the rudest thing you can say to a politician and giant stone currency.

Episode 10 - No Such Thing As A Soggy Monk

9 May, 2014  DanJamesAndyAnne and special guest comedian Eric Lampaert discuss illegal javelin throwing, farts in a jar, the placebo effect and Slovenia. Or is it Slovakia?

Episode 9 - No Such Thing As A Word For 'Silent Fart'

2 May, 2014  DanJamesAndy and Anna discuss lizards on brooches, the sperm capital of the world, the one code Turing couldn't crack, and hermits at the bottom of the garden.

Episode 8 - No Such Thing As A Swear Word On The Moon

25 April, 2014  DanJamesAnna and Alex discuss NASA Vs Nature, Coney Island's oddest ride, Harry Potter's Chinese adventures and more...

Episode 7 - No Such Thing As The Loch Ness Monster

18 April, 2014  DanJamesAndy and Anna discuss everlasting video games, mythical monsters, the real Madame Tussaud and dogs that fall from the sky.

Episode 6 - No Such Thing As One Direction In North Korea

11 April, 2014  JamesAndyMolly and special guest Ig Nobel Prized founder Marc Abrahams share their most recently discovered facts.

Episode 5 - No Such Thing As A Kiss

4 April 2014  DanJamesAnna and Andy discuss rats the size of hippos, surprising papal hobbies, 19th century New York's May Day madness and the mystery, and history, of kissing.

Episode 4 - No Such Thing As The Mountains Of Kong

28 March 2014  DanJamesAnna and Andy discuss modern day cavemen, putting a price on your soul, made-up maps and the sex lives of spiders.

Episode 3 - No Such Thing As The Middle Ages

21 March 2014  Dan and James welcome special guests, comedian Alex Edelman and historian Greg Jenner to the show. Topics today include the first recorded smile, the most important animals in America and 300 years that may never have happened.

Episode 2 - No Such Thing As Death By Acne

14 March, 2014  DanJamesAndy and Anna discuss the world's first sandwich, the surprising dangers of acne, what's in a name, and life through a lens - a contact lens, that is.

Episode 1  - No Such Thing As A Pilot Fish

8 March, 2014  DanJamesAndy and Anna mull over the Large Hadron Baguette, one US president's unfortunate eating habits, baby names that beggar belief, and the right way to find a king in a car park.

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