No Such Thing As A Ghost in Poland

DanJames, Anne and Anna discuss randy bears, yeti park rangers, radioactive sheep and ridiculous world records. 

Episode 16                       04 July, 2014

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This record-breaker got understandably dizzy after kicking himself in the head, and this man was jailed for making women kick him in the groin.

The woman who set the record for time spent with scorpions married the man who set the record for time spent with centipedes.

Pliny thought that bear cubs were licked into shape, and cured themselves of poor eyesight by allowing bees to sting their eyes; Elisha had children mauled to death by bears for mocking his baldness.

Wotjek the bear was a Polish soldier; Nils Olav the penguin was Colonel-in-Chief of Norway's Army. 

If you're attacked by a brown bear, play dead; if attacked by a black bear, fight back.

Witches, werewolves and zombies are roaming Wales, but in Nottingham it's just Chinese lanterns

The Fox sisters' famous ghosts were eventually revealed to be a hoax but no one's yet explained the Enfield poltergeist's year long haunting.

Glitter provides useful forensic evidence but shoeprints do not.

12-year-old Jessica Maple outsmarted police to solve a burglary. 17-year-old David Hahn built his own nuclear reactor in 1994, and Jamie Edwards built a fusion reactor this year, aged 13.

Cold War nuclear fall out can solve murders, catch illegal ivory traders and identify art forgery.


Kinsey's Toothbrush

Kinsey's Toothbrush
The randiest bear in the PyreneesThe randiest bear in the Pyrenees

Have Poland's ghosts
given up the ghost?

Have Poland's ghosts given up the ghost?


WANIDA.WOfficial yeti parks and yeti watchers in BhutanOfficial yeti parks and yeti watchers in Bhutan



Radioactive sheepRadioactive sheep