No Such Thing As A Bulge in Ken's Groin

DanJamesAndy, Anna discuss Aztec popcorn, Top Gun in China, exploding dolls and David Cameron's door handle.

Episode 15                       27 June, 2014

Further Reading

Aztecs wearing popcorn as jewellery is here; many other popcorn facts we mentioned are here.

Top Gun saw a 500% increase in the number of men wanting to be naval pilots and a 40% increase in Ray Ban Aviator sales. 50 Shades of Grey was a boon for hardware stores and the croquet industry got an unexpected boost from John Prescott.

China's news agency once mistook Homer Simpson's skull for a human head and the child who sang at their Olympic opening ceremony was hidden to make room for a girl deemed cuter.

Face and neck tattoos may soon be permitted in the British Army, and China's army has also changed its tattoo requirements lately, amongst other things.  

In 2006 Feltham young offenders' institution had to change its locks after they were captured on film; in 2012 the keys to New York were for sale on ebay.

It was a UN summit (not an EU summit - our mistake) where strikers stole the cutlery.

Here's when Gordon Brown got stuck in the lavatory.

According to his manufacturers, Ken is an accessory to Barbie, as well as being named after Barbie's brother - and he's much less useful than the dolls that helped the Civil Rights movement, and the blow up doll that saved its owner's life.

Hitler wrote a sequel to Mein Kampf and Turkmen President Nyazov's book was compulsory reading if you wanted to pass your driving test.


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Tech facts

Chess champion Deep Blue went on to become a ticket agent for United Airlines

The entire internet would fit onto 200 million Blu-ray discs

In 2009, 247 billion emails were sent per day

In 2009, the woman with the fastest internet connection in the world used it to dry her clothes

The Moon has faster Broadband than most of rural Britain

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