QI Panellist and Museum of Curiosity donor

Sara made her QI debut in the opening show of the K series. Despite being wedged between David Mitchell’s rants and Jack Whitehall’s charm, the general consensus was she’d nailed it, ending up winning with a massive +28 point score.
Sara is a British writer, stand-up comedian, singer/songwriter and actor. Showbiz and music are in her genes: her father was the jazz musician Derek Pascoe, once vocalist in seventies teen pop group Flintlock and her great-grandmother was the music writer Rosa Newmarch, one of the first English critics to champion Russian and Slovak music.
Sara considers herself primarily an actor. ‘Acting came first,’ she says. ‘I’ve been an actor since I was 18. But I wasn’t a very successful, if you consider being able to afford your rent successful.’ Since then she has appeared in The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, Campus, Being Human, Free Agents, Twenty Twelve and The Thick of It: ‘My first day was Peter Capaldi as Malcom Tucker shouting at me and I just kept grinning, thinking, "This is brilliant!" She also turned in a very witty performance on The Museum of Curiosity, where she selected ‘friendly poisons’ as her exhibit.
In 2007, she co-wrote and performed in all-female sketch show called Girl Friday and started performing stand-up. The following year she was a runner-up in the ‘Funny Women’ competition and placed third in So You Think You’re Funny? In 2010 she took a show called Sara Pascoe Vs Her Ego to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and followed it with Sara Pascoe Vs The Apocalypse and in 2012, Sara Pascoe: The Musical.
 ‘My mum will still tell you that I’m not a funny person. I’m very earnest,’ she says, and it’s true that she’s very articulate and can switch from the ethics of veganism to the chemical constituents of cosmetics without taking breath. But she is also properly funny and works had being so. ‘Comedy is a meritocracy. If you build up an audience over years – and nobody is good until they’ve been going at least eight years – you’ll have an audience who return to your gigs – then no one can ever take that away from you.’ 

Sara Pascoe

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