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Most of us who work on the show count the first appearance of the tousle-haired Northumbrian in the H series (Hodge Podge) as one of the best QI debuts ever. Ross’s surrealist stream-of-conscious rants are pure QI, moving very quickly from one subject to another and spotting connections that no one else has noticed. The QI clip that seems to have become his ‘classic’ is the one where he discusses throwing Ewoks into lakes of liquid methane with Professor Brian Cox in the ‘Incomprehensible' show. He and Alan work particularly well together – both share a genius for improvisation, but at a certain point Ross’s will take off in a direction where no one, maybe not even he, knows where he’ll end up. It’s a joy to watch and a pleasure to find the kind of material to inspire it.

Ross’s comedy career was given a huge boost when he won a Time Out award for his second stand-up show 'Chickenmaster' in 2000, and by 2003 his show 'Unrealtime' was a sell-out at the Edinburgh Fringe. In the years since, his annual live tours across the UK and Australia have gained a legendary reputation, not least because he never performs the same show twice. Other TV and radio appearances include I'm Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, Have I Got News for You and Just a Minute, and this year he made his film debut in the comedy horror film, Stitches.
As well as being a cult comedian, Ross is a keen biker who confesses to dyslexia and an abiding fear of glass eyes. His wife Fran was born in Australia and they lived on a farm near Melbourne for several years until they lost it and all their possessions in the bushfires of 2009. They have since moved back to the UK.
What Ross Noble loves best of all is being up on stage, taking an audience where they’ve never been before. At the 2008 Latitude Festival he took this literally, leading his fans in a giant conga to ask for pies and sausage rolls at a vegan food stall.
That’s why he’ll always have a place on the QI panel.

Ross Noble


I love the fact that somewhere there's a memo that just says: 'MACHINE GUN - FOR STEPHEN FRY'S USE ONLY'.

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If I could stand on a planet and throw an Ewok into a lake of fart that would just be...