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A rising star of the UK stand-up circuit, the Canadian actress and comedian made a confident QI debut in the third show of K series alongside fellow first-timer Josh Widdicombe and QI warhorse Phill Jupitus. Despite being thrown from the non-desert of the Kalahari to the wilds of St Kilda via the golf-courses of Korea, she managed to slip in some of her wonderfully coy monologues, where the sweetness of the delivery masks the often dark and subversive content.
Katherine was born in Sarnia, Ontario and before launching herself as a stand-up she worked as a waitress at the iconic restaurant chain Hooters, ending up as a corporate trainer. She loved it so much she decided she wanted to open her own. That was when he boyfriend decided they should move to London. It proved to be a smart career move four as well as touring two very well-received shows – Little Miss Conception (2012) and Nature’s Candy (2013), she has become a regular guest on TV panel shows such as Never Mind the Buzzcocks, 8 out of 10 Cats, and Mock The Week. She’s also appeared as an actress in the BBC2 media-world sitcom Episodes and the Channel 4 cult series Campus, which she counted herself ‘rabbit-punched-in-the-vagina lucky’ to have been part of. In 2008 she won the Nivea Funny Woman Award. And now she’s working on a sitcom about opening a Hooters in Britain.
After surviving two bouts of skin cancer and a relationship break-up, Katherine now lives in Crouch End with her daughter, Violet. Increasingly, she says feels more British than Canadian: ‘I’m a British mum, but with a monkey upbringing and a weird accent.’
Despite this, and the acid edge of her one-liners, she’s not lost  her North American optimism: ‘Life can be really warped and dark, but my whole outlook is tirelessly positive. I think a lot of comedy is ‘urgggh look at my life’, but I don’t look at it as a negative. I think audiences need a positive voice. You don’t want to leave a comedy show even lower than when you came in. I think you can look at anything in life and give it a positive angle.’

Katherine Ryan

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