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Isy Suttie’s northern vowels and gift for story-telling have earned her comparisons with Victoria Wood, but it was her musical talents that we wanted to showcase in her QI debut on the ‘Keys’ show. Isy has been in folk bands since she was a teenager and was an award-winning composer and musician long before she became a comedian. As it turned out, the Keys show was more about lock-picking and keyboards than key signatures, but she was flanked by fellow tunesmiths Bill Bailey and Tim Minchin and all three jammed and harmonised beautifully.
Best know for her role as IT nerd Dobby in Peep Show, Isy has made a particular kind of narrative musical comedy her own. Her three Edinburgh shows were huge successes and the last one, Pearl & Dave, about a couple falling in love online, won her a Gold Sony Radio Academy award in 2013. She’s been nominated for two British Comedy Awards – Best Female Newcomer in 2008 and Best Female Breakthrough in 2011. Also in 2011, she was voted Funniest Woman in Loaded’s Lafta awards. As fans of Peep Show will attest, she’s a very versatile actress and has appeared in episodes of Holby City, Shameless, Skins, Rab C Nesbitt, Great Night Out and was the waitress Kiki in Alan Davies’s sitcom, Whites. She even did a turn as Mary Shelley in The Trouble with Love.
Alongside her acting and musical gifts, Isy has a comedy mode that is a combination of pinpoint-accurate observation about unexceptional people’s lives and chatty conversational ease. Her stand-up is punctuated by songs, many of them slightly surreal love songs (e.g. ‘If you were a dog, I'd steal sausages for you’), but it’s her wonderful timing that made her such a good QI guest. Talking recently about her enthusiasm for writing about dysfunctional relationships and unrequited love, she summed up her approach as an attempt to find ‘small pockets of happiness’, adding, ‘and I try to put in things about cagoules along the way.’

Isy Suttie



I've never shown much aptitude for topical stuff, as demonstrated in 2003 with my short-lived, 'Hey guys, imagine if the Big Brother house was full of paedos and people who worked for BAE Systems and, um, they all, like, ate each other...' routine.



I know someone whose dream is to be an actor but they're not that good – they got mugged, and had to audition for the part of themselves on Crimewatch. They got 'Passer-by No. 2'.

DOBBY in Peep Show

I wouldn't mind getting a strap-on and you and me spit-roasting Cameron for the Boden catalogue. Was that the sort of thing you have in mind?

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