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Colin Lane is an Australian comedian, actor and TV host who made his QI debut in a K-themed surrealist extravaganza featuring fellow debutante Noel Fielding and Ross Noble. But Colin is a seasoned campaigner, used to the rough and tumble of Aussie audiences, and refused to be wrong-footed by the snuff-snorting madness around him. In fact, he entered into the spirit of the show so fully he triggered several klaxons and ended up the clear loser.
Colin is a legend in Australia, largely because of his partnership with Frank Woodley. Lano and Woodley were an institution of Aussie stand-up for nearly 20 years. The combination of Colin’s bullying control-freak with Woodley’s goofy innocent were irresistible and their debut show ‘Fence’ won them the 1993 Moosehead Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1994 (beating a young comedian by the name of Alan Davies into second place). A TV sitcom followed, The Adventures of Lano & Woodley, which was sold in 38 countries, including the UK - the first Australian comedy show to do so. When they finally (and amicably) called it quits in 2006, they toured their final show ‘Goodbye’ to 37 Australian cities.
Since then Colin has turned his attention to acting with prominent stage roles in the Melbourne Theatre Company’s revival of the 60s classic Don’s Party in 2007, and in The Mikado in 2008. In 2010 he returned to comedy with a cabaret show called  ‘I’m Not Sure About the Music’ which features a man ‘who can't wax lyrical about Pink Floyd's first album, can't speak in hushed tones about Bob Dylan's B sides or be overwhelmed by the drama and emotion of Nick Cave's London period.
’ It came with a warning: ‘Contains songs – with no jokes’.
Appearances in Neighbours and other Australian TV shows followed and in 2011 he was confirmed as the new host of the cookery show Ready, Steady, Cook. Colin likes his food and confessed: ‘This could be the best job in the world. Or, this could be the greatest increase in weight ever seen on TV.’

Colin Lane


COLIN LANE IN The Adventures of Lano & Woodley

If all the village idiots, from all the villages, left their villages, and made their own village, of idiots. In that village, you would be the village idiot.

Colin's AgentColin's Agent

COLIN LANE in Lano & Woodley: The Island

She was so beautiful. She had eyes...which was good, because the last girl I liked just had skin from the eyebrows down.