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Victoria's appearance on Knights and Knaves was her second appearance on the show after her debut on Jargon. Though she claimed to be nervous, it didn't show at all and left QI wondering why it had taken so long for us to meet her. The Elves are huge fans of her BBC4 Four quiz show Only Connect, which started on BBC4 and was moved to BBC2 after its great success. Vicky’s introductions to each episode combine lightly worn erudition with an icy wit, the perfect combination for a QI panellist.
Her other qualifications are every bit as impeccable. She has been one of the UK’s most amusing and original print columnists since she was a teenager, answering the Daily Telegraph’s call for original young talent. She’s still at it, writing a weekly column for the Observer and filling a regular slot in GQ with advice for men about how to deal with women.
Her broadcasting career has been equally illustrious, as well as Only Connect she presents the Radio 4 comedy series Heresy and has appeared as a guest on Have I Got News for You and Question Time. The two series of Balderdash & Piffle she hosted for BBC2 revealed her passion for etymology, something that shone through on QI’s Jargon show.
Victoria has also written two of the funniest and most affecting memoirs of recent times. Once More with Feeling (2002) was her account of trying to make the best porn film of all time with her best friend Charlie Skelton (they failed, but in some style) and For Richer, For Poorer (2009) a lyrical and hilarious account of her second life as a professional poker player. The book gathered universal critical acclaim, but it also revealed just how good a player Victoria is: she was the 2006 European Poker Champion and the first woman ever to win an event on the European Poker Tour. She remains an active player on the international pro and celebrity poker circuit, sponsored by Pokerstars.com and with lifetime winnings in excess of a £1 million.
The Weekend Australian recently provided the perfect summing up of her appeal: ‘Coren is a strangely winning combination of lone cowgirl, femme fatale and soft-centred feminist.’ Who wouldn’t want her as a guest?

Victoria Coren

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Einstein said that a lunatic is someone who keeps doing the same thing but expecting a different result. Nobody listened, so he said it again.


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It’s a red herring to compare anything that happens here to Europe. Europe is a funny place where they smoke tiny cigarettes and everyone eats too late at night.