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Australian musician, composer, actor and comedian Tim Minchin appeared in the second series of QI’s radio show, The Museum of Curiosity in 2009 and we've been trying to get him on the TV show ever since. In the intervening years, Tim’s achievements – in particular his triumphant adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda and his stage portrayal of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar ­– have transformed him into one of the UK’s most exciting and sought-after performers.
Tim studied English and Theatre at the University of Western Australia, then completed an Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Music at the Conservatorium of Western Australia. ‘I did up to Grade 2 as a kid’, he says. 'I then mucked around a bit and got a bit better for about eight or nine years.’ After moving to Melbourne, he performed his first comedy gig despite having never been to see a live comedy gig himself. His first full show, Dark Side, won the Directors’ Award at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and the Perrier Best Newcomer Award at Edinburgh. Since then Tim has performed at comedy festivals all over the world and often appears on British and Australian radio and TV.
As an actor, Tim has played the title roles in Hamlet and Amadeus, Pilate in Jesus Christ Superstar and the writer in Reg Cribb’s The Return. In 2007 he made his feature film debut in Two Fists, One Heart, set in Perth. He has also written musical scores, most recently, the Olivier award-winning Matilda the Musical, based on the book by Roald Dahl. In the summer of 2012 he took on the role of Judas in the UK touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar, and he is currently working on a musical stage version of the film, Groundhog Day.
Tim’s onstage ‘look’ – teased hair, bare feet and heavy eye make-up – evolved over time. ‘I enjoy the theatricality of performance - not just the narrative content.’ he explains. ‘My onstage persona is a character. My appearance contributes to a removal from reality which allows me to say what I want to say on stage without annoying (most) people.’ As for creativity, he adds: ‘I get my ideas the same way you get yours. If you’re looking for inspiration, my advice is to read books then go walking.’
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Tim Minchin



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