QI Panellist

Has there ever been a QI guest as tall as Richard Osman? At 6’7”– that’s 2.01 metres – there’s something of the giant about him; but he doesn’t seem the sort to start lobbing trees around or kidnapping princesses. He’s too lovely for that. ‘The truth is, almost everyone in the world is lovely’, he told Radio Times, ‘But the world is ruined for us by the sociopaths and those who aren’t lovely. They are the ones who make all the noise and make the news.’
Richard is best known as the co-host – with Alexander Armstrong – of the hugely popular BBC teatime quiz show Pointless. It’s a job he got by accident when he sat in as ‘the guy behind the laptop’ when the show was first being pitched to BBC executives. Such was the rapport between him and old university chum Armstrong that he was persuaded to stay in the chair. Oh, and that famous laptop? ‘It’s just a prop’, he revealed to Metro. ‘I have the answers written down for me. I’m always making little notes on the bits of paper on my desk. And I doodle. A lot. If anyone kept hold of all the bits of paper, I might be locked up.’ Not surprisingly, he was a natural for QI where subjects such as cannibal cutlery and eating buttocktongue didn’t phase him at all.
His day job is behind the cameras as creative director for the TV production company Endemol where he’s been executive producer on Channel 4 shows such as Deal or No Deal, 8 out of 10 Cats and 10 O’Clock Live. He’s also been script editor for the BBC’s Total Wipeout and co-wrote the Channel 4 sitcom Boyz Unlimited with Matt Lucas and David Walliams.
Richard was recently voted (2011) Heat magazine’s ‘Most Unlikely Crush’. But even then he remained resolutely lovely. ‘I'm about 50% honoured and 50% embarrassed’, he said of his award. ‘I'm not sure whether it means I'm the best weird crush - or the weirdest crush. But I am aglow with pride.’ 

Richard Osman



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