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Reginald Darnell Hunter, an American comedian from the Deep South, is now based in the UK where he spends most of his time making great, though often uncomfortable, observational comedy out of the contrast between the two cultures. The Times once called him ‘rewardingly provocative’, which is a good enough reason to hire anyone for a an intelligent panel show. In his three QI performances he’s delivered on this promise, taking particular delight in teasing Stephen. His second appearance in the ‘Jungles’ episode contained an amusing exchange on the ‘true’ colour of zebras, with Stephen insisting that they were actually white with black stripes, not vice versa as Reg had suggested (‘Well you would say that, wouldn’t you, white man!’). Like fellow American Rich Hall, Reg brings a very cool and laid-back vibe to the QI panel.
Reg originally came to the UK in 1996 to study as a classical actor at RADA. Soon afterwards he did his first stand-up gig for a £10 bet and enjoyed it so much he decided comedy was his future. Since then he has built a formidable following as a stand-up, receiving three nominations for the Perrier award in 2002, 2003 and 2004 and winning the Writers’ Guild Award for Comedy in 2006 for his landmark show Pride and Prejudice… and Niggas. This and its successor Trophy Nigga toured to capacity crowds, despite many venues (and the London Underground) refusing to display posters.
Over the past decade Reg has also nailed the radio and TV panel show circuit with regular appearances on Have I Got News For You, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, The Unbelievable Truth, The Bubble, Argumental, Would I Lie To You and the whole series of It’s Only A Theory. Despite this, he’s an outspoken critic of ‘soundbite culture’ and has said that though TV can sometimes show art, ‘it doesn’t make art.’
Reg’s more confrontational stand-up style is driven by a consistent refusal to be pigeonholed. That’s what makes him such a rewarding addition to QI: ‘Some nights, I'm pissed about something political; some nights, I'm pissed about something personal. Some nights, I'm thrilled about something weird.’ 

Reginald D. Hunter



A class system is what you use to discriminate against people who look like you.

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