Wales, Moeliker & Keen

Aired: 6 October 2014 at 6.30pm, BBC Radio 4

Curator: Phill Jupitus

Steering Committee: Jimmy Wales, Kees Moeliker and Helen Keen

Room One


Donation One: A Mobile Phone From The Future


The whole thing about Wikipedia is that it works on a radical assumption, which is that mostly people are okay.


Donation Two: One Pubic Louse


The live duck mounted the dead duck...I said, 'Something's wrong here.' One is dead, one is alive...Both are of the male sex. Homosexual necrophilia.


Donation Three: Jack Parsons' Crater On The Moon


We can be optimistic about the odds of finding - eventually - a planet with some sort of life on it, or that could at least support life as we know it...