John Lloyd and Phill Jupitus are joined by another curious selection of guests including a Belgian cloud enthusiast, a sheep-rearing composer, a Disney animator and the creator of Wikipedia.

Gallery Seven

Room One

Jimmy Wales, Kees Moeliker and Helen Keen donate a mobile phone from the future, a single pubic louse and Jack Parsons' crater on the moon.

Museum - 701

Room Two

Richard Osman, Sandi Knapp and Professor Kevin Dutton donate a bar of chocolate, a dreeze-dried potato and a smile.

Museum - 702

Room Three

Sandi Toksvig, Lieven Scheire and Will Stoor donate the alphabet, a parasitic wasp and morgellons. 

Museum - 703

Room Four

Rich Hall, Anna Keay and Henry Marsh
Museum - 704

Room Five

Clive Anderson, Anne Dudley and Richard Williams 
Museum - 705

Room Six

Neil Innes, Bradley Garrett and Isabel Behncke Isquierdo
Museum - 706