John Lloyd and Humphery Ker receive donations including a lizard popping a wheelie, Henry Stanley's compass, 100 defacated ant heads, a judge-nudger, and Rasputin.

Gallery Six

Room One

Colonel John Blashford-Snell, Joann Fletcher and Mark Watson donate Henry Stanley's compas, a silver Roman denarius, and a pair of spectacles.

Museum - 601

Room Two

Professor Volker Sommer, Andrew O'Neill and Amanda Palmer donate 100 ant heads, a ticket on the necropolis railway and a living statue.

Museum - 602

Room Three

Richard Ingrams, Jane Bussman and Sir Howard Stringer donate a judge-nudger, a Funny-O-Meter and a sandbag.
Museum - 603

Room Four

Dr Kristin Lippincott, Richard Herring and Dr Christofer Clemente donate the Eureka moment, Rasputin and a lizard popping a wheelie.
Museum - 604

Room Five

Robert Llewellyn, Cleo Rocos and Professor Kevin Warwick donate an elm tree, an Agave plantation and a thinking machine.

Museum - 605

Room Six

Sir David Frost, Dr Paul Sinha and Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock donate the Watergate tapes, C. B. Fry and the Prospero satellite.
Museum - 606