John Lloyd and Dave Gorman receive donations including a waffle generator, a tot of rum, an invisibility cloak, and all the jokes in the world.

Gallery Four

Room One

Alex Bellos, Francesca Stavrakopoulou and Jimmy Carr donate God, a Curta calculator and a book containing all the jokes in the world.

Room Two

Graham Linehan, Helen Scales and Rory Sutherland donate a cassette tape, a tank full of seahorses and a single Shreddie shown from an angle of 45°.

Room Three

Robin Ince, Roger Highfield and Gareth Edwards donate the essential trifle, an invisibility cloak and the first story ever told.

Room Four

David McCandless, Natalie Haynes and David Crystal donate the super-ego,TV detectives and a waffle generator.

Room Five

Alex Horne, Sara Wheeler and Alain de Botton donate the word 'dord', a carved walrus baculum, and a High Street psychotherapist.

Room Six

Harry Enfield, Alan West and Lucie Green donate a stupid German, a tot of rum and an invisible coronal mass ejection.