John Lloyd and Jon Richardson receive donations including pictures of animals wearing clothes, 10,000 tigers, a gay bomb, Spider-Man and procrastination.

Gallery Three

Room One

Marcus Chown, Terry Pratchett and
Shappi Khorsandi donate the Omega
Point, a procrastinator and Charlie

Room Two

Suggs, Ruth Padel and Leigh Francis
donate The Great Exhibition, 10,000
tigers and Spider-Man.

Room Three

Richard Wiseman, Kevin Eldon and
Jon Ronson donate The Milgram
Experiment, The Ten Worlds and a
gay bomb.

Room Four

Michael Welland, Sarah Bakewell and
Simon Evans donate singing sand dunes,
Michel de Montaigne's medallion and
a total eclipse.

Room Five

Ronni Ancona, Daniel Tammet and
Robin Hanbury -Tenison donate Barry
Marshall & Humphry Davy, Saul
Bellow and Nyapun.

Room Six

Sarah Millican, David Eagleman and
Neil Gaiman donate pictures of animals
in clothes, International Ignorance Day
and Jack Benny's vault.