John Lloyd and Sean Lock receive donations including complete world knowledge, Helen of Troy, tempting fate, and the urge to press red buttons you know you shouldn't.

Gallery Two

Room One

Chris Donald, Brian Eno and Dave
Gorman donate a British Railways
bridge,  Grimsvötn, and the urge to
press red buttons.

Room Two

Gavin Pretor-Pinney, Simon Singh
and Tim FitzHingham donate a
Kevin-Helmholtz cloud, the Homdel
Horn Antenna, and Don Quixote.

Room Three

Bettany Highes, Chris Addison and
Rupert Sheldrake donate Helen of 
Troy, Alan Shepherd's six iron and
a sheep rolling over a cattlegrid.

Room Four

Charlotte Uhlenbroek, John Hodgeman
and Oliver James domate a chimpanzee
rain dance, complete world knowledge
and Matt Ridley's office nameplate.

Room Five

Kate Adie, Jon Richardson and
Roger Law donate The Holy Grail,
Hanna Hauxwell and the perfect
English Spot rabbit.

Room Six

Clive James, Tim Minchin and
Philip Pullman donate a P-51
Mustang, tempting fate and
misused inventions.