John Lloyd and Jo Brand welcome the four newest chemical elements, the speed of cheese, a ploughman's lunch, the smell of coffee and a history book published in 2222AD into the museum. 

Gallery 10

Room One

Science Communicator Helen Arney, Ig Nobel Prize winning Goat-Man Thomas Thwaites, and Naval Captain Aseem Hashmi.

Room Two

Writer and comedian Lucy Porter, etymologist and author of 'The Inky Fool' Mark Forsyth, and advertising whizz Dave Trott. 

Room Three

Fashion historian Amber Butchart, expert quiz-master Jack Waley-Cohen, and comedian from down-under Jimeoin.

Room Four

Danish comedian Sofie Hagen, mollusc and cephalopod expert Jon Ablett, and 'Watching the English' anthroplogist Kate Fox. 

Room Five

Screenwriter and Guilty Feminist podcaster Deborah Frances-White, bumble-bee expert Prof. Dave Goulson, and 'that bloke off Blackadder' Tony Robinson. 

Room Six

American comedian Michelle Wolf, food historian and writer of 'Consider the Fork' Bee Wilson, and walker, writer and editor of 'Curiocity' Henry Eliot.