John Lloyd and Bill Bailey receive donations including an Anderson shelter, a giant hornet, the Battle of Waterloo, Epping Forest and Father Christmas.

Gallery One

Room One

Richard Fortey, Brian Blessed and
Sean Lock donate the giant hornet
of Chang Jiang, Sasquatch and the
modern scarf knot.

Room Two

Fran Beauman, Gary Sheffield and
Ben Elton donate a pineapple,
Anderson shelters and privacy.

Room Three

Arthur Smith, Frank Close and
Ronald Hutton donate Arthur 
Craven, nothing and Father 

Room Four

Victoria Finlay, Kevin Day and
Alistair Fothergill donate Pliny the
Elder, The Battle of Waterloo and
an hairy angler fish.

Room Five

Jonathan Miller, Philip Ball and
Marcus du Sautoy donate the 
Nottingham Alabasters,
Phlogiston and The Monster.

Room Six

John Gribbin, Alan Davies and 
Martha Reeves donate The Big
Bang, Epping Forest and silence.