John Lloyd and Sarah Millican receive donations including the equation for the perfect marriage, a star clock, a human tongue, the monkey mirror, a fart and Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Gallery Eight

Room One

Comedian Holly Walsh, the author and adventurer David Bramwell and "Freakonomist" Stephen J. Dubner.

Room Two

Mathematician Hannah Fry, Horrible Histories resident historian Greg Jenner, and the tattyfilarious Ken Dodd.

Room Three

Comic Felicity Ward, cricket commentator Henry Blofeld, and the first Briton in space Helen Sharman.

Room Four

Actor and comic Rufus Hound, creator of the Eden Project Sir Tim Smit, and archaeoastronomer Doris Vickers.

Room Five

Comic Matt Lucas, neuroscientist Prof. Sophie Scott, and Gogglebox's chess grandmaster William Hartston.

Room Six

Comedian Susan Calman, explorer and zoologist Lucy Cooke and Factum Arte's Adam Lowe.