Finkel, Czerski & Hughes

Aired: 29 October 2012, BBC Radio 4

Curator: Jimmy Carr

Steering Committee: Dr Irving Finkel, Dr Helen Czerski and Sean Hughes

Room Five


Donation One: A Portrait Of Jane Austen

IRVING FINKEL'We have a rule in our house when we play Monopoly. We all pick on one person and drive them into a fury, which works very nicely. If they kick over the board and say, 'I'll never play again,' that's perfection.’


Donation Two: A Bubble

HELEN CZERSKI‘In some areas of science, I have found this pompous attitude that holds that the less you can be understood, the cleverer you are. I’d rather be clear than clever. I may have to accept, because I spend time on TV work, I will never be the absolute world expert in my field, but I will be the one who makes that link between the science and society. It may be a compromise, but it is one I feel is worth making.’


Donation Three: A Tab Of LSD

SEAN HUGHES‘My dad died of cancer the year before last. It made me look at the way people deal with death and it’s all wrong. My dad loved horse racing. I wish he'd have worn a jockey costume when he died, he would have loved that. We take death too seriously.’