Nyman, Roberts & Cottrell Boyce

Aired: 22 October 2012, BBC Radio 4

Curator: Humphrey Ker

Steering Committee: Andy Nyman, Dr Alice Roberts and Frank Cottrell Boyce

Room Four


Donation One: Friday The 13th Part III 3-D


Success is being happy. That is the biggest secret. I’d turn down a big, expensive magic gig any day of the week to do a lower-budget acting job that I really want to do. You’ve only got one life. There isn’t a Plan B.


Donation Two: A Neanderthal-Homo Sapiens Love Child


‘Educated guesswork’ is what science is. You form hypotheses, test them against the evidence, and if they fit the evidence, you can assume you’ve got close to the truth.

3D Cinema


Donation Three: St Columba's Psalter


I know I’m versatile but I’m not sure that versatility is a great quality in a screenwriter – it’s a bit like gymnastic ability in a waiter. It would be nice to see it for a few minutes but basically you want him to shut up and give you the food.