Stephenson-Connolly, Geim & Ker

Aired: 15 October 2012, BBC Radio 4

Curator: Jimmy Carr

Steering Committee: Dr Pamela Stephenson-Connolly, Professor Andre Geim and Humphrey Ker

Room Three


Donation One: The Object Of Desire


One of the things that I see as a psychologist is people who are enormously uncomfortable with the extent of their fame, particularly those who find there is a gap between how they feel they are inside and this projected image of them. The famous self and the true self are so far apart that it’s really uncomfortable. 


Donation Two: The Ghost Of Curiosity


Many people choose a subject for their PhD and then continue the same subject until they retire. I despise this approach. I changed my subject five times before I got my first tenured position and that helped me to learn different subjects.


Donation Three: Chrétien de Troyes


My objective with the Dymock Watson show was to make people laugh. But over the course of it I realised that people cared about what happens to the characters and, by happy coincidence, it turned out to have a relatively satisfying story. I thought it was just going to be knob jokes for an hour.