McAlister, Murray & Bondeson

Aired: 1 October 2012, BBC Radio 4

Curator: Jimmy Carr

Steering Committee: Erica McAlister, Al Murray
and Jan Bondeson

Room One


Donation One: A Cow Pat


Curators are a little obsessive; it’s a certain character ‘strain’ we have. If I eat a packet of Skittles I’ll put them all out and separate the colours to make sure that I don’t eat the wrong colours first. You’ve got to save the purple and red ones till last. 


Donation Two: A Travellator


At Oxford we were extremely suspicious of the Footlights. They seemed to be so much more organised, more ruthless, and much better known than us. No one had heard of us! I’m glad to hear some things never change.


Donation Three: A Security Coffin


I’ve always had a profound interest in history, especially the history of medicine … and a bit of a fancy for the macabre and odd.