Every episode of QI is filmed in front of a live studio audience, at The London Studios on the South Bank.

Tickets are free, and you can apply to be in the audience. Everything there is to know about attending a QI recording can be found here.

How Do I Apply For Tickets?

Free tickets are available for all episodes - but demand is very high!
Ticketing company ApplauseStore handles all audience tickets for QI, so please refer to their website if you have any related queries. The official age limit for audience seats is 18+.

There are two types of tickets - 'non-priority' and 'priority'. You can apply for non-priority tickets,which do not guarantee admission (they are over-subscribed to ensure that all seats are filled). However, if you queue but don't make it into the studios on the day, ApplauseStore is usually able to offer you priority tickets (guaranteed entrance, provided you arrive at the requested time) to another episode of QI.

For full terms and conditions, visit the ApplauseStore website.

If you have any questions, or have unusual ticket circumstances and need information, please click 'Any Questions' opposite.


I've Got Tickets -What Now?

If ApplauseStore have allocated you tickets, then you're ready to attend a QI recording!

We've put together an Attendance Guide containing everything you need to know on the day. Click the box opposite...

When and Where Is QI Recorded?

Each series of QI is recorded over a few weeks each year. We usually record three episodes a week, either in the evening or afternoon. There are 16 episodes a series.

If you are allocated recording tickets, they will be for a specific day. See the calendar opposite for the next scheduled recordings.

For more information regarding times and location, see the Attendance Guide opposite.

If you'd like to be notified when recording dates or ticket applications become available, please sign up using the form opposite.

Join the Audience

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