QI is quite big Down Under, which we're very pleased about. In 2011 'QI Live', the first ever QI tour, took place in cities across Australia, where Stephen and Alan were joined by Australian comedians in a delightful example of pan-continental comedy.

We enjoyed the experience so much that we even smuggled a couple of our Aussie guests back with us to appear in Series J!

QI Live


CHARLES M. SCHULZ (1922-2000)

Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.

The Panellists

Shaun Micallef
Kitty Flanagan
Julia Zemiro
Cal Wilson
Myf Warhurst
Red Symons
Angus Sampson
Akmal Saleh
Peter Rowsthorn
Julia Morris
Meshel Laurie
Colin Lane
Shane Jacobson
Andrew Denton
Jono Coleman
Jennifer Byrne
Arj Barker
Wil Anderson
Stephen Curry
Genevieve Morris
Denise Scott
Dave Hughes
Adam Spencer