Not content with battling General Ignorance in the UK, in recent years QI has been steadily expanding around the world. 

The British TV show is also broadcast in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Israel, and has spawned sister series in Sweden and The Netherlands. In 2011 we toured Australia with a live show.

The Book of General Ignorance has been translated into 26 languages, and many of our books and DVDs are sold overseas. Full details of international sales can be found in the QI Shop on each book page.

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International Book Editions

For full details on the worldwide availability of QI titles, and a list of translated editions, please visit the QI Shop, select a book, and see the 'International' section on the page.

DVDs Overseas

As well as the UK releases of QI Series A to C, one or two other series have been released in Australia - see the Shop section for the full selection of QI DVDs, and visit the Watch QI page for DVD & online availability of QI in your country.



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