Space isn't remote at all. It's only an hour's drive away if your car could go straight upwards.

FRED HOYLE (1915-2001)


Space Elevator

The equator, where the Earth is spinning fastest, would be the best place for a ladder, or, more likely, a lift to Space. The velocity means less energy is needed to deliver an object into orbit. A space elevator would consist of a cable anchored to the Earth's surface, reaching into space along which a 'climber' would be attached. By attaching a counterweight at the end of the cable, inertia ensures that it remains stretched taut, countering the gravitational pull on the lower sections, thus allowing the elevator to remain in geostationary orbit. Once beyond the gravitational midpoint, carriage would be accelerated further by the planet's rotation. Space elevators have also sometimes been referred to as beanstalks, space bridges, space lifts, space ladders, skyhooks or orbital towers.

Despite its name Equatorial Guinea wouldn't be a good place to put the ladder, because it isn't on the Equator. 

WILL ROGERS (1879-1935)

If you feel the urge, don't be afraid to go on a wild goose chase. What do you think wild geese are for anyway?

Space smells like cooked steak and moon dust smells like gunpowder.

In Space fire is spherical and has a blue flame.

Space Madness

NASA has official procedures for dealing with suicidal or psychotic astronauts in space. The astronaut's crewmates should bind his wrists and ankles with duct tape, tie him down with a bungee cord and inject him with tranquilisers. They say:
‘The crew members might have to rely in large part on brute strength to subdue an out-of-control astronaut, since there are no weapons on the space station or the shuttle. A gun would be out of the question; a bullet could pierce a spaceship and kill everyone. There are no stun guns on hand.’
US astronauts at the Space Station keep a journal for a study by a researcher. But former NASA psychologist Patricia Santy said the diaries will not help detect mental illness. ‘What astronaut is going to tell you they're feeling homicidal?’ she asked. ‘They're very conscious that if they say the wrong thing they could get grounded.’ 

The first monkey to be sent to space was Albert II (Albert I died of suffocation during his flight).

THOMAS EDISON (1847-1931)

Ideas come from space.