The most dangerous thing in the world is to try to leap a chasm in two jumps.


Dangerous Sports

Extreme Kite Flying

Lahore, the kite flying capital of the world, hosts a sport so dangerous that it is banned for all but 15 days of the year, and there is agitation for a complete ban (organised by the Kite-flying Affectees Committee). 

Participants use their kites to fight duels; the idea is to get your kite to cut the opponent's string. The strings are made of metal coated with abrasive glass. Consequently there are frequent power cuts when the kites foul power lines. People's throats have been cut by the strings in the past (particularly motorcyclists garrotted by strings draped across the road), and others fall off roofs or into the paths of traffic whilst running after kites and not looking where they're going.
During this game, when one kite is brought down by another the cry of 'Bo Kata!' ('Kite down!') goes up, accompanied by drum rolls.


Bullfighting is not a sport. It is a tragedy, and it symbolises the struggle between man and beasts.

In Ancient Mayan ball games, the captain of the losing team decapitated the captain of the winning team at the end.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping was invented by David Kirke and three friends at Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge in 1979.  Its inelastic precursor, land diving (jumping whilst attached to a vine) began on Vanuatu’s Pentecost Island and has only resulted in one recorded fatality, which coincidentally was witnessed by the Queen in 1974.
The most common cause of mishaps during bungee jumping is having too long a cord. When calculating the right length, it is crucial to be aware that when you reach the full extent of the unstretched cord you don't slow down. On the contrary, you continue to accelerate because the cord's resistance to distortion is zero at the natural length, and increases only gradually thereafter, taking some time to even equal the jumper's weight.

Cheerleading is the number one cause of serious sports injuries to women in the USA.

Some of the more unusual extreme sports include extreme ironing, extreme croquet and stunt pogo.

Russian Roulette

It is sometimes asserted that the weight of a single bullet will usually mean that the loaded chamber ends up at the bottom, so the game isn't all that dangerous. Statistics for Russian Roulette fatalities contradict this claim. They also reveal that it is an activity undertaken exclusively by males aged 16-24, although they are often being watched by girls when they do it.

ERMA BOMBECK (1927-96)

I do not participate in any sport with ambulances at the bottom of the hill.