How can I become a researcher for QI?

Click here for details about jobs at QI, and in the TV industry.

I've spotted a mistake. How do I point it out?

Visit the QI Quibble blog to find out what to do.

How can I be in the studio audience for a recording of QI?

Tickets are free, but demand is high - all the information is here.


Why don't you ask ......... to be on the show?

We're always open to suggestions - click here to send us guest ideas.

Why isn't more of QI available on DVD?

There are some tedious legal issues around the background images on the screens behind the panellists. We are slowly making progress, and recent series of QI are available to watch online. Click here for the full listings.


Can I be on the panel of QI, or featured on the show?

We get a lot of people asking whether we'd ever consider having a fan of the show on as a guest for an episode. Due to the challenging nature of the show and various other factors, panellists are almost always professional comedians with panel show experience - so if you are really, really keen, then that's the best route!

Occasionally we approach people or organisations to invite them on to the show to demonstrate a particular skill or object . If you have an interesting job, talent, or product which you would like to offer as material for the show, we would love to hear about it on the QI Talkboards but it is unfortunately very unlikely that we would be able to feature you for legal reasons (remember, QI is a BBC programme).


Why doesn't the numbering of QI series in the TV listings/streaming service add up?

Each series looks at a different letter of the alphabet, so A=1, B=2 etc However, in a few places (for example, some TV schedules, online streaming site like Hulu, or old editions of DVDs) some series of QI may be incorrectly numbered. Around Series G there were production complications and the internally, the numbers fell out of sync. Unfortunately, because so many separate companies are involved in distributing the show, occasionally things get mislabelled. We get them corrected as soon as possible, but if you're unsure as to which series you're looking at, check the episode titles and see which letter they begin with.

I want to know more about something I saw on QI. Where can I find it?

We’ve been busy updating our website so we’re able to put supporting material and extra bits up online for you to enjoy. If you want something in particular, first we’d suggest checking the page for the episode of QI you saw it in.

There might also be a page about the topic, or a post on the QI Quibble blog, where we sometimes post further explanations and clarifications. The elves might also have posted in on the QI Forums, and if it’s a question about the production of the show, you might find it Behind The Scenes.

Finally, we have a very dedicated fanbase who produce all sorts of episode guides and transcripts around the web, so a general Google is likely to bring up any facts which you missed on the show, and links for further reading.


What are those spirals on Stephen's desk?

All is explained in the Behind The Scenes section.